Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Imaginary Fern - Persia 1580 - Visualmyth Fabric

Imaginary Fern - Persia 1580. Public Domain image from the Morgan Library, Read Persian Album. 
Tapestry produced by Visualmyth Fabric.  
From the Visualmyth Fabric Collection.
"Visualmyth Fabric "celebrates the inspiration of fabric design as communication between cultures".

Monday, November 20, 2017

Map of the World 1689 - tapestry

Printed on 100% Organic Cotton Sateen, Polyester Crepe de Chine or Silky Faille.
Printed on 1 yard of fabric (91.44cm x 132cm). Image size 34"x38.5" (86.36cm x 97.69cm). Unhemmed for custom display options.
Public Domain image, NYPL, Maps Division.
Map of the World 1689. Produced by Visualmyth Fabric.